Our Team

Extraordinary Leadership

Vern Fotheringham


Vern Fotheringham has dedicated his professional career to bringing the benefits of true broadband communication services to the global population. He has been and continues to be a catalyst for change and progress in driving this evolution forward. He has specialized in early-stage company development and maturation through the IPO and M&A stages. Together with highly skilled and experienced professional colleagues, he translates his clarity of vision into efficient operations and self-sustaining profitability.

Mindful of all fiduciary duties, he is a proven steward of investment capital who is focused on protecting the interests of all stakeholders. Mr. Fotheringham has been a serial entrepreneur in telecommunications, serving as a founder, CEO, Chairman or board member of eighteen innovative telecommunications companies, including: Norcom Networks, Digital Satellite Broadcasting Corp, Advanced Radio Telecom, Bazillion, Broadstorm, Terabeam, Adaptix, Mead Instruments, Castanet, Kymeta, and V-Satcast.

Caleb Weiss


Caleb Weiss has over 20 years of experience in broadcast communications and television operations with his most recent time spent as vice president of network operations for Edge Spectrum, Inc. (ESI). Caleb has overseen and managed the nation’s second largest network of broadcast television stations through the recent FCC voluntary incentive auction without losing a single asset of the 283 that ESI has. He has been the chief technical director and operations manager of Excellence In Christian Broadcasting (EICB), a broadcaster operating the EICB-TV and Grace Worship Center network of 87 independent LPTV stations. His experience involves the technical oversight, purchasing, and hands-on installations of over 100 stations giving him a unique ability to oversee the scale and deployment of an ATSC 3.0 network across those same 283 assets, and new acquisitions ARK makes. Caleb has also served as a broadcast consultant for numerous other broadcasters for over ten years. He is an active member of the Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (ATBA), the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), and has served on many panels supporting other organizations to reach their potential in the broadcast media world.

John Tabakci

COO/Acting CFO

John Tabakci has over 35 years of financial, strategy and business operations management experience across the communications spectrum. John has worked with many early stage businesses and major corporations in telecom, technology and service industries, serving in multiple roles including VP of Ops, General Manager, and Sr. Director of Operations. He also served as an independent consultant and strategic advisor for many hi-tech start-ups.

He has been recognized as an outstanding Operations Executive with demonstrated record of success in creating, leading and managing Business Operations for numerous enterprises, including: McCaw Cellular, Advanced Radio Telecom, Vectrad Networks Corp, Microsoft and Kymeta.

Joshua Weiss

CMO/Business Development

Joshua Weiss has over 20 years of experience in broadcast television, production, and philanthropic work. He currently serves as vice president of business development at Edge Spectrum, Inc., and is the general manager of the International Broadcasting Network (IBN). He is producer of multiple award-winning television programs broadcasting nationally. His philanthropic work includes creating business opportunities for the impoverished in developing nations through U.S. based university programs. He is a public speaker and has taught broadcast and production education domestically and abroad through industry and at the university level. Joshua is a published author, has presented multiple papers through the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) and the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). His works have rendered numerous awards from the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), the Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (ATBA), and the BEA. He serves on the board of the NRB, the advisory council of the Finestone Leadership Institute at California Southern University, and on the advisory committee of the ATBA. He has an MA in strategic communications and is nearing the completion on his Ph.D. in communications at Regent University.

Randy Weiss, Ph.D.


Randy identified the value of TV’s visual format for stimulating dialogue with viewers and for extending the reach of the Christian message very early. He composed, produced, and distributed one of the very first Christian music videos on secular television in 1981–long before any Christian music videos existed. It was quite challenging to consider entering television in that era and years passed before moving squarely into the world of TV production for national distribution. But Randy’s programs have been distributed on a continuous basis across the nation since 1994.

By the late 1990’s, Randy had also become an LPTV broadcaster. He identified opportunities to continue expanding the reach of inspirational television through the medium of LPTV. Since then, his path forward was firmly established.

Since then, Randy and his family built, licensed, expanded, and acquired LPTV stations across most of the nation. Through their EICB (Excellence in Christian Broadcasting) family of stations, along with their International Broadcasting Network (IBN television), they built a network of more than 200 LPTV station licenses and construction permits which are now part of ARK. He has maintained distribution of a steady stream of quality inspirational and family-friendly programs offering hope and encouragement to millions of American families through free over-the-air television stations since their first station was turned on. More recently, he began to literally expand his sights to the sky via satellite and the IBN television network which also feeds the stations in their rapidly growing network group.